One Simple Method of How to Delete Snapdeal Account

There is only one way to delete snapdeal account and the way is by contacting snapdeal customer's care through e-mail there is no other way to delete the account just like Swiggy platform they don't even provide any in app options to delete account.

But don't worry in this article we are going to explain how to delete snapdeal account with step by step guide how you can contact snapdeal customer's care through e-mail in order to delete your snapdeal account.

Snapdeal is one of the popular ecommerce company in India and they deliver products in 6000+ cities and town India plus it is a Indian based company which launched in 2010 after launch it partner with many international companies.

How to Delete Snapdeal Account Permanently.

As i already said there is only one way to delete this platform account and you just need to need to send a short email to the snapdeal support and after some time they will delete your account completely from the snapdeal.

In further paragraphs I will share a sample which you can copy and paste in your e-mail draft so you don't have to do any kind of hassle to write a email so let's start our guide on how to delete snapdeal account.

  1. Open the gmail in your phone or in PC
  2. Make sure to login in your gmail with same gmail account which is connected with snapdeal account.
  3. Now compose a new e-mail and copy paste below sample

To :
Subject : Account deletion

Dear Sir/Mam

I want to delete my account as I don't want to use this app anymore and kindly remove my account from snapdeal.

My name ( write your name here)
Email (write email which is connected with your snapdeal account)
Phone NO. ( write your number which is associated with snapdeal account)

(Your name)

After sending this type of e-mail to snapdeal they will send you reply in couple of days saying that your account is removed from the snapdeal.

So that's how you can delete your snapdeal account now let's see what other thing you can delete from snapdeal.

How to delete snapdeal order history.

It's very simple to delete your snapdeal order history you just need to perform some steps. In this guide we are going to discuss how you can delete order history both in your mobile and in browser.

How to delete Snapdeal order history in mobile.

  • First open your mobile settings
  • Go into apps and find snapdeal app
  • After finding open it up
  • Here look for option like clear data
  • Now confirm it and your order history will get deleted from snapdeal

That's it for mobile now move into desktop

How to delete snapdeal order history in desktop or browser.

It is same just like Mobile but in desktop or in browser you need to clear cache of the browser below are the step on how to delete cache in order to clear order history of snapdeal

  • First click on the three dot on the browser
  • Now go into settings of the browser
  • Here click on the privacy option
  • Now you see a option of clear browser history or cache
  • Click on it and tap on the clear
  • Now your order history will get deleted from the Snapdeal

So these are the ways which can help you to clear your order history from snapdeal.

NOTE after clearing the data and clearing the cache you need to login again in the snapdeal platform so keep in mind that before following the above steps but it is not a big deal.

Final Words.

So that's how you can delete your account from snapdeal as you see how easy it to delete account you just need to send a email to the support of snapdeal.

I don't understand why companies don't give option to delete account in app. There are many other companies like that provide the option but I think every company should provide the delete your account button in app. Every user should be very happy.

So let me know what you think about this article on how to delete snapdeal account if you need more knowledge about account deletion process than let me know in the comments section I will be very happy to assist you.


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