Best truly wireless earbuds which do not lag while gaming under 5000

In this new decade, mobile gaming is bombing in the world and last year it manage to make new records which shows that mobile gaming is the future because mobile gaming is affordable and anyone can play it from anywhere.

But mobile companies don't provide the 3.5mm headphone in their newer model phones so people who want to do mobile gaming are looking for wireless earbuds or headphones.

As you know biggest problem of wireless sound product have the latency or delay which can ruin the gaming or movie experience.

However, there are some wireless earbuds that are specially made for gaming which can give you smooth and amazing gaming experience with minimal latency.

So know we are going to look at some truly wireless gaming ear buds under 5000 which helps to make your life easier and provide you wireless gaming experience.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Which Don't Lag While Gaming Under 5000

It is little hard to find good quality truly wireless gaming earbuds under 5000 as wireless gaming prducts are super expensive but we manages to find some good product in this price range so you don't have to worry.

Noise Shots Rush Wireless Earbuds With three EQ Modes.

This product has ultra low latency for gaming up to 85 millisecond to provide smooth gaming experience without any lag. You can hear the game sound without any lag just like wired headphones plus you can interact with teammate with inbuilt microphone this product is special for mobile gamers.

plus it has 3 EQ mode for different genre music like rock, pop, and classic which means you enjoy both gaming and music amazingly with this noise shots rush earbuds.

Other than that it fits perfectly on ears as it have silicone hooks which helps to secures Ear buds on ears without losing. On the full charge noise shot Ear buds can give you one day play back which is something insane considering it's price range.

Ipx5 rating of this product makes it useful enjoying music while doing workout and performing any outdoor activities.

Noise Elan Truly Wireless Earbuds.

You can play your favorite game with dedicated gaming mode which reduce the latency up to 80ms (millisecond) this is the best latency reduced wireless earbuds in this price range.

It give you deep and rich sound thanks to 6mm speaker drivers which are powered by Qualcomm this feature also enhance your gaming experience as you can listen in-game like gun sounds and footsteos very clearly.

Noise Elan Ear buds features latest v5.2 bluetooth technology which ensures lower power consumption and smarter connectivity. This product give you 8 hours playtime while enabling gaming mode other wise it can give 24 hours playback time.

With ipx5 rating you can use the product while performing outdoor activities.

Overall this wireless Ear buds are best for gaming in this price range no other product can give you 80ms latency.

Crossbeats Evolve Dual Driver Wireless Earbuds.

This product is engineered for gaming and provide you minimal latency while playing games on mobile phone. I played pubg mobile game with this headphones and I didn't notice any lag. In fact it provide better gaming experience than my Boat Bassheads 225.

It has immersive studio effects. The crossbeats evolve comes with dual driver crossover feature that improve the balance and bass that give audio better than any other product.

You can interact with your teammates seamlessly while playing online games as it provide passive noise canceling not just for audio but for the mic also. You can also enjoy uninterrupted calling experience anywhere you want. SoundPeats Ture wireless in ear Stereo Earbuds.

Another great product with minimal to no latency while playing games. This product has 20k review on Amazon and not a single person compliant about lag or latency which ensures this is a great product.

You can uplift the gaming experience with this product and it can give you game time of 5 hours after a full charge which is decent.

The top notch quality of this product is the sound quality in terms of accuracy and enjoybilty. It has defined bass and treble that doesn't compromise with mids so you can experience the music and gaming perfectly with this earbuds.

It also features latest technology of bluetooth v5 which increase the speed, range and mesh plus it helps to lower the latency of sound. This bluetooth version process the data at 5mb rate and give you the range of 40 meters.

Final Words.

Although, These product are made for gaming, you can expernice little bit latency while playing games there is no wireless product in market that can give you no lag in gaming. Plus 5000 price range is scary to find good quality gaming earbuds.

If you want do professional gaming than you should go with wired headphones as they don't give you any latency in sound.

If you are just a casual gamers just like me than you can go with this product but I think you should choose one product from first two as they have special gaming mode which will not give any lag while playing games.

I hope you like our buyer's guide on Best truly wireless earbuds which do not lag while gaming under 5000 incase you want more information regarding any product then feel free to ask in comments.

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